WFP Current Status

To the Membership, Board of Directors and Officers of We’re Family Park, Inc.

We would like to give an account of the current state of We’re Family Park, Inc.

On September 27th, 2014, an informational meeting was held by members of We’re Family park to discuss issues surrounding We’re Family Park, Inc.  This meeting was not sanctioned by We’re Family Park, Inc., and was announced and labeled as an information only meeting.  As such, actions that took place during this informal meeting are NOT binding or recognized by We’re Family Park, Inc.

During this informal meeting, Scott Dennison resigned as President of We’re Family Park, Inc, which was then filled by Vice President, Ryan Shaver. According to Article IV – 2, ” …In the event there is a vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice President shall become the President of The Organization for the remainder of the term.”

Since this left a vacancy in the office of Vice President, Ryan Shaver then appointed Noel Hoffman as Vice President.  Noel accepted the position and took the Oath of Office.  Noel will need affirmed by the Board of Directors at their next regularly scheduled meeting.  Noel will then serve out the remainder of the term as Vice President until the next regularly scheduled election. (Article III – 2)

As stated above, no actions taken during the September 27th, 2014 informational only meeting are recognized by We’re Family Park, Inc.  As such, our current board of directors are still the same.  Michelle Facemire did not resign her position as representative of the Virginia Branch and since this was not a sanctioned meeting of We’re Family Park, Inc, she could not be voted out at that time.  Dale Dennison would also still be the Chairman as he could not be voted out during that meeting either, for the same reasons.

Since the time of that meeting, Dale Dennison has resigned his position as chairman of the board.  Since Michelle Facemire was voted as his Co-chair, she would fulfill the chairman position until the next board meeting. The chairman of the board is a position elected by the members of the board, they will need to elect a new chairman at their next regularly scheduled meeting, which is before the Membership meeting before the reunion this year.

Here are the current board members and officers of We’re Family Park, Inc.

Board of Directors

Ozenna Branch – Vacant
Tilford Branch – Jane Dennison
Lena Branch – Mary Hobbs
Leo Branch – Jerry Pentecost
Mildred Branch – Kathy Griffith
Lolita Branch – Maxine Marlow
Wayford Branch – Tim Dennison
Virginia Branch – Michelle Facemire
Clifford Branch – Jim Dennison

Chairman – Michelle Facemire


President – Ryan Shaver
Vice President – Noel Hoffman
Secretary – Amber Dennison
Treasurer – Amber Dennison
Custodian – Frank King
Booking Agent – Jeanette King

So in summary, here are the actions that need to take place at the Board Meeting and Membership meeting this summer.

  1. The Board will need to elect a new Chairman.
  2. If no member comes forward to claim the vacant Ozenna Branch board member, The President can appoint someone else from that branch to serve.  If no one accepts that position, then the Ozenna Branch board member will remain vacant.
  3. Any branch board members that were up for re-election will need affirmed by the board.  Note, most of our board elections are staggered so that the board never consists of entirely new members.
  4. The board will then need to affirm Noel Hoffman as Vice President of We’re Family Park, Inc.
  5. The board can then conduct it’s business as usual.

Since all of our officers were elected last summer they will serve out the remainder of their terms. Noel was appointed as Vice President once Ryan Shaver assumed the role of President when the office was vacant after Scott Dennison resigned.  No new elections will be held for officers this year, as officers are elected to a 4 year term.

Any issues that were brought forth during the informational meeting on September 27th, 2014 can be addressed at the next regularly scheduled meetings before the reunion this summer.

We hope this explains the current state of We’re Family Park, Inc.  If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact your President, Ryan Shaver or Vice President, Noel Hoffman for more information.

We look forward to seeing you all this summer at the reunion.


Ryan Shaver and Noel Hoffman