Announcing artwork competition for WFP t-shirt fundraiser!

White T-Shirt Design Template.

Click image to download a White T-Shirt Design Template.

Dear Family,

I am asking for your help in spreading the word about our artwork competition. Please forward/mail/talk to as many WFP members and friends as you can find. If you forward to others, please copy me in – this would be a great way to update our email address list.

Here are the details:
There is a $100 prize for the design selected for t-shirts that will be on sale at the 2014 WFP reunion. The theme should be something (positive, of course) about WFP: one idea for a slogan is “We ARE Family” but I’m sure others can think of something better.

Entries can be:
1. emailed to me ( as a pdf, a picture, gif, etc.
2. mailed to me: 400 Rose Lane, Ruckersville, VA 22968
3. there may be other ways of getting the artwork to me- make a suggestion!

Entries due (or must be post-marked) on June 16. I know, not much time- so you’d better get started!

Trust me, you do NOT want ME to design this t-shirt.

My 2000 WFP t-shirt is so worn, it’s about to fall apart. It’s time to start this great tradition back up!

Jane (Dennison, 2,6,1)

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